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     Sunbonnet Farm is a small family farm on the Big Island of Hawaii in Pohakea Mauka. Sunbonnet Farm is owned and managed by three generations of the Wheeler-Gerrish family: First generation, Leah, Second generation, Grant & Sharon, and the Third Generation, Hattie, Emma and Leila.

   We raise Jersey Brown Swiss cross milk cows, Clun Forest wool sheep, Heritage turkeys, Guinea fowl, and laying hens.  We are also in the process of putting in a fruit and nut orchard.
   Our animals are a part of our family. They are extremely tame and affectionate because we spend a lot of time with them.  Our animals are pasture raised with plenty of room to run, graze and play.
   Our family has hand-milked cows for 3 generations.  We selectively breed for cattle that are friendly, have creamy milk, are hardy and healthy, and are good milk cows.  We sell trained milk cows as well as bulls and calves.
    Our sheep are Clun Forest, a rare multi purpose Heritage breed. They are excellent wool and meat sheep, that can also be milked. Our Clun Forest sheep are selected for thriving in Hawaii, mothering ability and to have high quality fleeces for spinning and other wool crafts.
      We sell lambs, adult ewes and rams, as well as many handmade woolens, including wool pillows, cushions, shawls and hats. We also sell woolens made with sheep wool or a mix of Angora and sheep wool.
Registered breeding stock coming soon.

  Welcome to Sunbonnet farm! Please explore our website to learn more about us.


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Photo of our barn.

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Ewes & 2022 Clun Lambs For Sale!
 Visit our 'Sheep For Sale' page for more information and photos
Photo of our Clun Forest cross rams.
    Jersey mix bull calf enjoying a day in the pasture.
Rainbow over our gate.
Rainbow over our gate.
Strawberry, a dairy heifer
  Strawberry, one of our beautiful cows.
Clun Forest ram
  Registered Clun Forest Ram