2021 Clun Forest Lambs   

Beautiful ewe lamb    Updated: July 5th 2021

        The 2021 lamb crop is here!  They are a outstanding crop with some super handsome ram lambs
and beautiful ewe lambs.
Picking which ewe lambs to keep this year was a challenge, as they were all so lovely.  We are retaining 5 ewe lambs for our flock and all the other ewe lambs are now sold.

        We have lambs from all 5 of our rams this year. The lambs' mothers are our top ewes, selected for hardiness, mothering and wool quality.
Photos of the lambs and their parents below.

  All the 2021 lambs have gone to their new homes.

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   NEW 2021 Lamb Photos!! 


   WFM Stellar   Imported Register Purebred Clun Forest

        UTOPIA Hazelnut X WFM Evening Primrose               

   Stellar is a handsome and hardy ram, with nice wool.  His lambs have very nice wool and conformation.


    Stellar's Lambs



   WFM Brahm x Fen

   June is a big ewe and an excellent mother. Photoed as a yearling.

   June had lovely twins on Feb 12th. A ewe and a ram. Both are healthy and robust.
 June as a yearling

   June's Ewe Lamb: 'Malati' 

   Sold to Suchandra  
Ewe lamb at 3 days old
Ewe lamb at 10 days old

   June's Ram Lamb: 'King Ranch II'

    Sold to Zelina & Ohana
June's ram at 1 day old
Ram lamb at 4 weeks old


  WFM Brahm x Challis

   Blondie is a great mother and has a very nice fleece. She also has good worm resistance. Photoed at 3 years of age.

    Blondie had big twins on Feb 23rd. Both lambs are very healthy and have very promising looking fleeces.

  Blondie's Ram Lamb: 'Po`okela'

    Sold to Waimea Lamb Co
Ram lamb at 2 days old

Blondie's Ewe lamb - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

Ewe lamb at 2 days old


  WFM Brahm x Treat

  Roca is great mother, has a very nice fleece and good worm resistance.
 Photoed at 2 years old.

   Roca had large twin ewes on Feb 24th. Both are healthy with fine fleeces.


 Roca's Ewe Lamb#1 'Your Majesty'

   Sold to Zelina & Ohana
1st born ewe at 16 days old


  Roca's Ewe Lamb#2 -

2nd born ewe at 16 days old

  WFM Brahm   Imported Register Purebred Clun Forest

       DJL Ramesses X SHIBUI Lullaby

      Brahm is a very nice ram. He is very sweet, friendly, large, and has soft wool.
     His daughters have excellent conformation and great fleeces.


     Brahm's lambs



 WFM Stellar x Fressia

  Fuchsia is a pretty ewe with a nice fleece. Photoed as a long yearling.

   Fuchsia had pretty twin ewe lambs on Feb 20th. These are her first lambs and she's a good mother.


    Sales are pending for both of these lovely ewe lambs.

 Fushia's Ewe Lamb #1: 'Queen Phoebe'

    Sold to Zelina & Ohana
Fuchsia's Twins

Fuchsia's Ewe Lamb#2: 'Bre' 

   Sold to Spencer & Ohana
Ewe lamb#2


 WFM Stellar x Blazing Star


   Princess has a soft fleece and is very friendly.

   Princess had twin rams on Feb 11th. She had her lambs by her self and they are doing very well. These are her first lambs.

 Princess's Ram Lamb#1: 'Martin'

   Sold to Lauren
Princess Ram#1 at 4 days old
Ram#1 at 11 days old

  Princess's Ram Lamb#2: 'Fields'

    Sold to Kea

Ram lamb#2 at 2 days old
Ram#2 at 11 days old

   WFM Silvestri   Imported Registered Purebred Clun Forest

   Touchstone Rachmaninov x WFM Pastel

     Silvestri is a handsome young ram.
    Silvestri's sire is from the top flock in the USA. He is descended from British, Dutch and American Clun bloodlines.

    Silvestri's lambs are very nice looking, with stylish dark faces and ears.


      Silvestri's lambs

      "Vanilla Chip"

      Ram14 x Chocolate Chip

    Vanilla Chip is a good & calm mother and has a nice fleece.  She is the mother of 'Java Chip', 1 of my favorite ewes.

   Vanilla Chip had big twins on March 3rd.  A ewe & a ram.
Vanilla Chip

 Vanilla Chip's Ram: 'Balram'

    Sold to Suchandra
Ram lamb
Ram lamb at 10 days old

 Vanilla Chip's Ewe Lamb: 'StarChip 10'

'StarChip'    Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
The ewe lamb at 12 hrs old
Ewe lamb at 10 days old


    MacNut x Cocoa

     Latte is a great mother and has a lovely fine gray fleece.

     Latte had twin rams on March 14th.  Both lambs have super fine fleeces.


     Ram#1 'Boost' sold to Peggy


Latte and her twins

   Latte's Twins

Latte's twins

   Latte's Ram Lamb#2 (wether)

   Sold to Ferwook
Ram lamb#2

   WFM Aries  Imported Registered Purebred Clun Forest

   Touchstone Byzantium x SHIBUI Mrs Smit

     Aries is a large and super handsome ram. Hes also quite calm and sweet natured.
He from the top mainland genetics. Is sire is from the top Clun flock. Aries is descended from British and American Clun bloodlines.

   "WFM Filleta"

  Touchstone Rachmaninov x Utopia Peggotty

  Filleta is a lovely young ewe, with a nice fleece, excellent worm resistance and beautiful conformation.

   Filleta had a beautiful and stylish single ewe on Feb 20th. Filleta is a great mother and her lamb is doing very well.

   Filleta's Ewe Lamb - Purebred Clun: 'SBF Eroica'

     Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm
Filleta's ewe at 3 weeks old



     Fudge X Fen

   Flora is a smaller ewe and she has a pretty gray fleece.

    Flora had twin rams on Feb 28th. These are her first lambs and she is a good mother.
   Although the lambs are fairly different in size, both are very healthy.

  Flora Ram Lamb#1: 'Keshav'

    Sold to Suchandra
Ram lamb#1
Flora and her twins

  Flora Ram Lamb#2 - Wether

  Sold to Luaren
2nd born ram lamb


    Fudge x Freesia

   Dusty has a nice fine, light gray fleece.  He is primarily Clun Forest with a bit of Katahdin.  He's from our flock.

   All Dusty's lambs will carry the recessive gene for black/gray.


    Dusty's Lambs


  WFM Brahm X Leaf

   Clara is a big pretty ewe, with a nice fleece.

   Clara had twin rams on Feb 11th. Both lambs have fine bright white fleeces.
These are Clara's first lambs, shes a super sweet mother.
Clara as a long yearling

  Clara's Ram Lamb#1 - Wether

   Sold to Ferwook
1st born ram lamb @ 5 days old
Clara's twins at 2 weeks old

  Clara's Ram Lamb#2: 'Zimmer' - Wether 

    Sold to Ferwook
Zimmer at 2 weeks old


  WFM Stellar X Leaf

   Lacy is a stylish ewe with a lovely fine fleece. She is very hardy and an excellent mother. She has lambed 3 times, all live births with no assistance.

   Lacy had beautiful twin ewes on Feb 28th. They are very healthy and have very promising looking fleeces.

Lacy as a yearling

   Lacy's Ewe Lamb#1 - 'Queen Anne'

Lacy's 1st born ewe
Lacy's twins

   Lacy's Ewe Lamb#2: 'Bella' 

   Sold to Spencer & Ohana
2nd born ewe lamb
Lacy's black twins