The Sheep Flock - Registered Clun Forest & Clun Cross Sheep

  We are the only farm in the state of Hawaii raising registered Clun Forest sheep.

 We raise Clun Forest sheep for wool, grazing in our fruit orchards and to sell quality stock. All of our sheep are friendly, healthy and have names.

 We keep a flock of about 28 ewes and 5 rams. Four of the rams we have now are imported registered Clun Forest.
Most of our sheep are Clun Forest with a bit of Katahdin. We have 11 purebred Registered Cluns.

 We sell quality breeding stock, grazer/pet sheep, and woolens made from our sheep's wool.

  We breed for healthy docile sheep that thrive in Hawaii's climate, have high quality spinning fleeces, are excellent mothers that raise fast growing lambs. Natural colored fleeces are a bonus, but hardiness and mothering, are our to priorities.

Clun Forest are a rare heritage breed, that are excellent wool and meat sheep. The ewes have very rich milk, so they also used as dairy sheep or crossed with other breeds to improve milking ability.
Although are sheep are
not raised for meat or milk, growth rate and milk production are important to us and our sheep would be great meat and milk sheep.

Flock History:
  We have been raising Clun Forest sheep for over 35 years. In 1985, we imported our first registered Clun Forest sheep from Oregon.
 We keep a closed flock for our flocks health, only bring in new sheep when we need new genetics.
In 2001 we borrowed a purebred Katahdin ram from the University of Hawaii at Hilo university farm and in 2016 we imported 4 registered Clun Forest lambs from Three Willows Ranch in Eugene, OR.
In 2019, we imported 3 more lambs from Three Willows Ranch, the lambs fathers' are from imported AI British genetics, from Touchstone Farm, in VA.

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   Our Rams

     Our Ewes

Our Clun Forest wool sheep.
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   Member of the NACFA ( North American Clun Forest Association)

    Clun Forest are a multipurpose heritage breed, they have many good qualities that make them excellent wool, milk and meat sheep.
Visit the North American Clun Forest Association website for more information on Clun Forest sheep.

      Here is a list of some Clun Forest qualities
  • Fine Wool
  • Rich Milk
  • Fast Growing
  • Easy Keepers (they do well on poor grass)
  • Calm temperaments & Easy to handle
  • Adaptable to all climates    
  • Good hooves - rarely need trimming
  • Longevity (living to 16+ years)
  • Ewes all most always have twin lambs
  • Ewes rarely need help when lambing
  • Strong mothering instinct - even as yearlings                                     

Young Clun lamb
Ewe lamb
Clun cross ewe
Clun ram