New August 2022 Lamb Photos


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     The lambs have grown a lot and are looking a lot like little ewes and rams now. All the lambs this year have lovely fleeces and are exceptionally friendly.

    The photos were all taken between August 6th and 15th. The lambs are between 2 and 5 months old.


    Photo right: Fuchsia's twin ewes

  Filleta's Ewe

    WFM Aries x Latte Twin Rams

      Born March 9th (5 months old)

   Ram#1 - For Sale

    Ram#2 - For Sale

  WFM Aries x Jay Ewe: 'Jasmine'

  Born March 13th (4 months old) - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm



  WFM Aries x WFM Filleta Twin Ewes

  Born March 14th (4 months old) - NACFA Registration Pending - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm


Filleta Ewe#1


Fuchsia Ewe#2

   WFM Stellar x Java Chip Ram#1

    Born March 24th  (4 1/2 months old) - For Sale



    WFM Aries x WFM Akala Berry Twins

     Born March 31st (4 1/2 month old) - NACFA Registration Pending

       Ram - For Sale

Akala's Ram

         Ewe - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

Akala's Ewe

   WFM Stellar x  SBF Honeyberry Single Ram 

    Born April 15th (4 months old) - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

Honeyberry's Ram  

    WFM Brahm x June Twin Rams (Wethers)

      Born May 1st  (3 1/2 months old)

     Ram#1 - Reserved


     Ram#2 - Reserved


   WFM Brahm x SBF Allamanda Twins

    Born May 5th  (14 1/2 weeks old)

   Ewe - NACFA Registration Pending - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

Allamanda's Twins

   Wether - For Sale

Allamanda's wether

   WFM Brahm x Lacy Ewe

      Born May 7th (14 1/2 weeks old) - Reserved

   WFM Brahm x Challis Twins

     Born May 9th (14 weeks old)

   Ewe - Reserved

Challi's Ewe

   Ram (Wether)- Reserved

    WFM Brahm x Fuchsia Twin Ewes

      Born May 15th (13 weeks old)

    Ewe#1 - Reserved

   Ewe#2 - For Sale

    WFM Silvestri x Camellia Ewe

      Born May 23rd (12 weeks old) - For Sale

Cami's ewe

    WFM Aries x Roca Twins

      Born May 24th - ( 12 weeks old)

     Ewe - Reserved

   Ram - For Sale

Roca's Ram

   WFM Silvestri x Carmen Twin Rams

       Born June 1st (10 1/2 weeks old)

    Ram#1(Wether) - For Sale

   Ram#2 - Reserved

    WFM Silvestri x Zuki Ewe

      Born June 2nd (10 1/2 weeks old) - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm

   WFM Silvestri x Hokuloa Ewe

     Born June 5th  (10 weeks old) - Staying @ Sunbonnet Farm