New Summer 2023 Lamb Photos

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     Here are new photos of the 2023 lambs.  They are all good looking and an exceptionally friendly bunch.

   Some of the lambs have gone to their new homes.  We still have a handful of extra nice lambs available.
Unless otherwise noted, we are keeping the lamb.

   The photos were taken when the lambs were between 2 and 5 months old.


  June's Ewe

  WFM Stellar x WFM Eroica Twins - Born April 8th

   Lamb#1: (wether) 'Mars'

    For Sale

  Lamb#2: (wether) 'Sir Alfred Wallops'

   Sold to Joanna


    WFM Stellar x WFM Filleta Single Ewe - Born April 9th - Pure Clun

       New Photos coming soon

    WFM Brahm x SBF Honeyberry Twins - Born April 29th - Pure Cluns

   Lamb#1: Ewe 'SBF Honeybee'


    Lamb#2: Ram - Name Pending

Honeyberry's Ram

   WFM Brahm x Princess Single Ewe - Born May 6th

    New Photos Coming Soon

  WFM Aries x Rosetta Ram - Born April 15th

    For Sale - $250  (Twin, Sister already sold)


  WFM Aries x Amber Ram - Born April 21

   For Sale - $250   (Twin, Sister already sold)

   WFM Silvestri x Lily Single Ewe - Born May 17th

Lily's Ewe at 3 1/2 months oldLily's Ewe

   WFM Silvestri x Latte Twins - Born May 13th 


Latte's Ewe

   Lamb#2 - Wether

    For Sale - $175

Latte's wether

    Dusty x Blondie Single Ram - Born May 19th -  'Soot'


   WFM Silvestri x  June Twins - Born May 29th

    Lamb#1: Ewe

June EweJune's Twins

  Lamb#2: Ram (wether) - Sold to Brandon